faydepwns (faydepwns) wrote,

at least sometimes you'll have blue skys

so yeah. don't mind the title its just some cool lyric from BG. so basically I have a delema. I'm sort of w/ a boy who is the closest person to me at the moment. and I love him dearly, but am not sure about our relationship.

and all my life I've been kind of the weird kid. and all of a sudden there are so many choices. I mean, theres this kid at my school, anthony whos pretty cool and is definitely someone I would date, theres caseyjames down in cali and I already told that story, then theres jackie from drivers ed who is such a cutiepie. and they are all amazing. and I don't know what to do. I mean I've never had this kind of attention before.

I know I want something knew, I just don't know what.

yeah I know lame delema but sill<3
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