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Freaking A.

So my whole plan for going to seattle tomorrow was freaking smashed because tylers stupid supervisor won't give him the day off. HE WORKS FREAKING 12 HOURS A DAY, AND HE DOESN'T GET THE DAY OFF ON A FREAKING SUNDAY!?!?!?!?

God..I'm so pissed.....and do you know what? He works 12 hours again tomorrow. How much freaking b.s. is that. I hate not getting to spend time with him as much as I'd like...and now its bad enough that when we finnally could spend alot of time together, he can't because of his stupid job.

And one more crappy thing, I can't watch wolf's rain for free anymore so I have to buy it...this sucks because I have a job, but I can't touch the money because its going towards a car, so maybe I'll see if I can do commissions for the DVDs.

Yeah, so sorry about the major rantage, I just haven't had the greatest night.

♥ fayde
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